Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bob Herbert Is Amazing

While I was surfing through my feeds, I came across this article asking why Bob Herbert, a sane, articulate Black columnist for The New York Times, is read by pretty much no one. The article pretty much comes to the conclusion that no one reads Herbert because he's too real. I wanted to just get his hits up because I think that Bob Herbert is one of the most important columnists out there right now with Frank Rich. He's always smart, poignant, and giving voice to smaller issues that are very important and surround us from day to day. He's the This American Life of newspaper columnists. I'm glad that I can read him again. What? You thought I was going to pay for the subscription to TimesSelect? You clearly don't know me very well.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Dry Season

After sitting down yesterday and realizing that I actually have a lot of work to do if I want to get all of my grad school work done on time, I had to make a decision: spend more time on that or spend more time on this.

I clearly chose the former. With that said, this blog isn't dead. It will never die like rock and roll. I will continue to post, but it will be at a much more sporadic rate, not to suggest that I was kicking out posts with great efficiency before. I will hopefully be able to pick up more sustained blogging again in the beginning of 2008 when I'm finally done with putting in applications and taking pointless standardized tests.

And, to leave you with something more pointless, this is the video for Make Em Say Ugh by Master P, possibly one of the tackiest and, for certain, the most poorly rapped video of all-time. The only thing that is impressive about this video is the fact that Shaq was allowing himself to be connected to it. Actually, that's not really surprising as this is the same man who made Shazaam.

Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ: Who Cares?

So, if you have been living under a rock, Orenthal James Simpson was arrested yesterday on armed robbery. If you need more information about it, google it. It's literally everywhere. And, I refuse to link to any of it because that would condone it. I'm not going to write about this because this case is bullshit and only acknowledgment of OJ's existence on this earth. He makes Black men look bad, and I really don't need that. But, more generally, I just find myself not caring.

Ace is So Sad. How Sad Is He?

If that title seems really random to you, that makes it clear that you didn't watch one of the greatest game shows of all time: Match Game. While it had multiple versions (they changed the year number and incorporated a night version), two things were pretty constant about the show: Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly held down the top row.

While Richard Dawson was on the lower road and loved by all of the women, Brett and Charles pretty much delivered all of the comic relief. Their detachment from the actual show as well as the fact that Charles Nelson Reilly smoked a pipe made the show an enjoyment to watch. If you are asking how I watched a show that ended before I was born, I only have three words for you: Game Show Network.

But, this is not about my television habits, this is a mourning post. Charles Nelson Reilly passed a few years ago. Now, Brett Somers has passed too. It's a sad, sad day indeed.

Photo Source

Dead Milkmen

Best song by The Dead Milkmen ever with a crappy animation. Honestly, the animation is fitting to the song. But, I digress. The name of this song is Bitchin' Camaro! (without the exclamation point)