Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fuck This

On the anniversary of 9/11, I'm glad to see that the rights of citizens is so high in the minds of our government.

The man being arrested is Rev. Lennox Yearwood. Well known as a hip-hop activist, Yearwood was in line to go into the Petraeus hearing at the House. Now, I want you to pay attention to TWO things in this video. At the beginning, it is clear that Yearwood was in line. But, he was bypassed for two other people who were behind him in line. Additionally, the amount of force used was completely unnecessary for one man who did not even raise a fist nor make a threatening move towards the officers.

Apparently, the Capitol Police are charging him with assault of a police officer and suggest that he was told to move to the back of the line. Why? Yearwood believes that it was because of his pin which supported the people of Iraq. On a day where our country came together six years ago, it's sad to see the diversity of opinions, which makes this country great, be stifled.

[h/t Pandagon]