Monday, June 18, 2007

Clearing Out My hPDA

As I think I've told one person so far aside from the people who have seen me whip it out, I use a bizarre information keeping system. Instead of keeping a regular Moleskine notebook in my pocket (they're too bulky), I use this thing called a hipster PDA (Parietal Disgorgement Aid). People who like to get things done use them, but more often than not, I just need a place to write things that come up down. This tool has worked perfectly for such needs. Additionally, I've tricked mine out a bit for it to work like my regular day-to-day organizational tool: the Uncalendar. There are colored priority cards, graph paper for math and lists, lined and unlined white cards, and a Moleskine cahier attached for longer ideas and as a clipboard.

Anyway, from time to time, I have to clear it out because I have a lot of stuff in it that I haven't processed. Today is such a day because most of it is relevant to this process. While at the beer pong tournament, I have, on an index card, the outline to my boxing post. I also noticed something very troubling in Best Week Ever this week as well. So, I have a card outlining that too.

For the next week or so, I'm going to run a Five a Day project where I review five albums a day. They won't necessarily be new, but they'll be albums that I've wanted to listen to for a while now. The reviews won't be too wordy, but they'll be enough to know what's up with the album. This will go in for the late night sendoff instead of some strange rant about how one pop star is better than the other.

Also, strange story: I went to a model house about ten miles from my own house. The woman in this house was talking about making decisions about moving into a new house. And she said, you should make a Ben Franklin list to determine the pros and cons. I've never heard the phrase with regards to a pro-con list. I always just thought it was a pro-con list. So, to see what this was about, I wrote it down in my hPDA to find out its true origins. I'm still at a loss, so if someone could explain that term's history, i.e. did Ben Franklin create the pro-con list, I'd appreciate a comment.

And this is how I use my hipster parietal disgorgement aid. And, I keep my ID cards in a rubberband. But, I know people who do that and, once I started driving, I understood the utility of keeping cards in such a manner. Anyway, those are some things to look forwards to in the coming days from this lovely blog. I hope that you will return to partake.