Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saturday: Always Beer Pong

I went down to Frederick yesterday to participate in a tournament of beer pong. If you are unfamiliar with beer pong, it is called Beirut in some parts of this land we call America. If the name still rings hollow for you, beer pong is a game of skill and talent that gets people drunk really fast assuming both teams don't suck.

The rules are simple. Anywhere from two to eight people stand on opposite sides of, preferably, a beer pong table and throw ping pong balls at Dixie cups. If you make a shot, the other team has to drink the cup. If all players on the side, if playing in multiples, make their shots, the team "brings it back" and has the opportunity to shoot again. If a player bounces a ball into the cup off the table, the number of cups removed is equivalent to the number of players on the team. For example, if you are playing in fours and a player hits a bounce shot, four cups are removed. Defense is allowed on bounce shots, but not on regular, through the air shots. A person can blow, but not use their hands.

The game is won in a few different ways. One such way is to bounce a ping pong ball into the last cup off of the table, thereby ending the game immediately. Another way is to get two ping-pong balls into the final cup, also thereby ending the game immediately. The last way is to make one ball into the last cup. In this manner, the opponent has what is called rebuttal, in which the losing player has the ability to prolong the game. If the losing player makes the shot, the game continues on. If the shot is missed, the game ends. If playing in multiples, all players must make the shot for the game to continue.

With all of this said, I am a really good beer pong player. I have an immaculate stroke. This dude last night was commenting on how nice my stroke was. I would say this isn't about me right now, but it actually is. My consummate stroke led to me not losing in three games of beer pong. The only time I had real trouble was with the closeout, but I got help from my team with this. I hit a wall because I was way too caffeinated from putting an extra expresso shot in my coffee. So, I had to retire early from my efforts. Although, I did achieve my goal of getting drunk (although my game was better sober) and getting other people drunker.

While I may have passed out prematurely, I did get a barbeque out of it, and the barbeque was delicious. With this said, that brings me to the Sunday tradition of randomness. I have an actually pretty good article that I want to write in defense of one of my favorite sports: boxing. People hate on boxing a lot and usually with good reason, pointing to the deterioration of Muhammad Ali. I say that, while Ali's state is sad, there are many other boxers who have led a completely functional life following their careers and that these men and women are true warriors along with being some of the smartest people on the face of the planet, as boxing is not an instinctual sport. I'll explain this further tomorrow. The video for tonight is "I'm the Leader of the Gang" by Gary Glitter, who is a child molester but is also one of the most important British rock artists ever.

Random Tracks:

1209 Seminary - The Ponys
Run for Cover - Sugababes
The Ownerz - Gang Starr
Summer on the Westhill - Kings of Convenience
CSS Suxxx - CSS
HC Rebellion - Pussy Galore
Please, Please, Please - James Brown
Dark Star - Beck
The Only One - Roy Orbison
We're All In Love - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Diabolic Scheme - The Hives
The World Is Yours - Nas
All Things Great And Small - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
One for the Treble - Davy DMX
The Emperor's Soundtrack - Lupe Fiasco

I would listen to that.