Friday, June 22, 2007

Someone Agrees

As may well be known, I'm into fashion. In particular, I'm into fashion writing. When it is not caught up in poetic wanderings about the whimsy of the new post-industrial look generated by the newest Japanese designer that Rei Kawakubo has taken under her wing, fashion writing is one of the only forms of journalism that is frequently fueled by immense amounts of hating. And, I'm not talking about casual hating. I'm talking about haterade-gulping by the gallon types of hate. One of the primary proponents of this form of hate is Washington Post fashion writer Robin Givhan.

Today, in her weekly article, Givhan goes to town on Bush for wearing Crocs and black socks. This is, as it seems, really dumb. But, she concedes it was appropriate as he was going biking and would need the comfortable shoes after saddling up in bike shoes, something that any biker can nod their head to.

She goes into a history about the nature of crocs, but that it immaterial to why I agree with her. I agree with her because Crocs are the most hideous shoes ever created by man. I've put them on before. They are comfortable. But, I'm also smart enough to know that if I wore them in public, I would hate myself forever. But, this is not a deterrent to anyone else as people wear them all of the time. You know, I'll let college slide. I knew cool people in college that wore crocs, but that was college. I've seen grown ass men and women wearing Crocs in public, and that is just unacceptable. You pay bills; you have no right to walk around in a pair of plastic shoes that are orange/pink/yellow.

Epilogue: Givhan also rallies against flip-flops, another argument I agree with. Flip-flops are lazy clothing. If you wear a pair of flip-flops, it's says I give up. They are the foot equivalent of sweatpants. They say I don't have the effort to actually put on a pair of shoes, seeing as that would take all of ten seconds, five if you don't have to tie anything.