Thursday, June 21, 2007

If You Feel at a Loss

If you are feeling at a loss like I am with everyone being on vacation and not doing anything interesting, you can take the last nine days of June and celebrate National Gay Pride Month! That is correct, June is officially National Gay Pride Month. Commemorate the tragedy of the Stonewall Riots (you actually can a week from today. The anniversary is the 28th of June). Play a Judy Garland Record. Watch Mommie Dearest and anything involving Divine (I recommend Pink Flamingos). Watch a drag queen show and marvel at the fact those guys can work a catwalk out. As well, give your local queer a hug to tell them that you are proud of them for being unapologetic about who they really are. Also, this is your last meaningful month to celebrate because it goes downhill from here. Next month is National Ice Cream Month. I'm jazzed about that, but I also love ice cream.