Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Actually Wish I Had Something To Post

That title is misleading because I actually have material that I can post. I should rewind from this moment and explain forwards.

I was reading my RSS feeds and getting ready to start posting until


the power went out. So, with the power going out, I decided to take a drive and go down to the park to read. The only park near my house that I could remember was about a fifteen-minute drive away. It was good times, but I felt like my position on the top of the kids' slide was giving me the hater eye from the parents in the area. Anyway, when I get around to going through my reader, there isn't a lot going on.

I have a lot of essay type things to put up such as how TV is trying to out David Lynch David Lynch and the NBA as performance art, another entry into the theoretical defense of athletics as artistic and/or intellectual endeavors. But, I don't actually have time to write these pieces right now because I have to go to dinner in about a half-hour, enough time to maybe get through the intros.