Monday, July 30, 2007

Information Blast: I'm Pro-Hillary Flashing Boob

Hillary Clinton has been caught up in a pointless scandal about her boobs. Apparently, her plunging neckline worn on the floor of the Senate a couple weeks back was considered a bit too risque for some. I'm personally not seeing what the problem is here. For her being around sixty years old, she still looks pretty good and has nice boobs. If she wants to go that route, by all means she should be allowed to. My opinion of her will not be changed by cleavage. I still think she has a lot of questions to answer with regards to the war and her sincerity; flashing a little boob will not answer these questions. Also, I've got some good posts lined up, so let's start this blast.......NOW!

  • Slate tries to answer the question plaguing the Tour de France: knowing full well they will probably be caught, why do the riders still dope? I'm going to say that they are dopes.
  • Barack Obama really only has two barriers to him becoming president: Hillary Clinton and himself. That latter is a pretty large one to clear. He might need to take some lessons with Stacy Dragila to get over that.
  • Tom Snyder, old man extraordinaire and generally smooth-toned late-night talk show host, passed on Sunday. Seriously, he was pretty rad.
  • Granpappy Hilton to Paris: You're Dead To Me. No inheritance for you. Barron Hilton: new candidate for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • A man made a 100-lb pirogi on a message from beyond the grave. No, seriously. His Uncle Emil told him to make the world's largest pirogi.
  • I only have one thing for this story: USA! USA! USA!
  • In Mexico, they are handing out conjugal visits like prescriptions of Xanax.
  • In another fine piece of American news, the voting machines that have been hackable for years have been hacked again. Seriously, voting wasn't that hard before with the punchcards.
  • The Guardian has a pondering inquiry into why we are all fascinated by the starlets and not the stars anymore. I agree with the article for the most part, but I would also say that it is a double standard against women who are supposed to be "feminine".
  • In one of the dumbest articles ever written by an established news outlet, Hillary Clinton will not win because fake women presidents and women news anchors have not been popular on television.
  • Apparently, betting on celebrities' imminent deaths is a popular pastime in LA.
  • Because conservative people are running out of things to complain about, they have decided to complain about the installation of foot baths for Islamic students so said students can stop ripping the sinks out of the library bathroom's walls when preparing for prayer.
  • Jimmy Fallon is expected to follow in Conan O'Brien's footsteps when O'Brien moves to the big show in 2009. After second thought, this might not be half bad after all. Hey, Tina Fey cosigns on it. And, when has she been wrong? Don't answer that.
  • In case you were interested, Alberto Contador won the Tour De France. I would make a joke here, but that would imply that I actually care about this year's tour. And, remember, I love cycling.
  • People, 3-to-1, want their privacy invaded for the umbrella of National Security. Going against all of these security measures makes me kind of sound like a wingnut doesn't it? Oh well, moving on...
  • Fox News, yet again, playing fast and loose with that whole news part of their name and their motto "we report, you decide".
  • While the exiles are throwing pedals at our feet, the rest of the Iraqi people are dying of thirst.
  • Hillary Clinton was a self-involved College Republican who wrote indulgent letters. I fail to see why this article saw the light of day. Am I supposed to be impressed by the fact that she kept in touch with people and that he kept the letters?
  • And, just a reminder: advertising is bad.
I just realized that there are a lot of articles for Hillary Clinton. While I might be pro Hillary's cleavage, I'm still on the fence about her candidacy. She still has to prove to me that she's not a robot. Once she can do this, I think I would actually vote for her.