Monday, July 30, 2007

A Hat Tip

Oh Stewardess rarely gives dap to people. Between recklessly chastising people and making fun of racists and MSNBC, I can't say that I have a lot of time to actually consider the positive contributions being made to the world by the other six billion people on it. So, with this blog halfway on the road to the big 1000, I figured that I should take time to give props to someone, especially since I couldn't prove my "dogfighting is only important because it's a Black guy getting it from the man or because it has found its way into affecting white people" theory. While I still believe this to be true, but I can't go use my Library of Congress card to prove it. Yes, that's right, bitches, I have a Library of Congress card. Got it for doing research on Black people.

Anyway, my hat tip goes to the MSNBC legal analyst Susan Filan. She's a real lawyer and has the background to prove it. But, this is not why she gets the hat tip for the 500th post. Filan gets the 500th post because MSNBC has been running her ragged. With its incessant coverage of all things trivial, MSNBC has spent a lot of time with its anchors covering the myriad legal cases in the public sphere. Filan has to switch from talking about Lindsay Lohan to talking about Michael Vick to talking about Nicole Ritchie. She's got to know a lot and has to hustle. Filan does it with great ease, even over anchor switches. She switches from Amy Robach to Monica Novotny to Contessa Brewer over the course of like three hours. That much transition would eventually confuse me. Clearly, Susan Filan is smarter than me. For the fact alone, Oh Stewardess salutes MSNBC's legal analyst Susan Filan. Her contributions to cutting through the legalese of current events is greatly appreciated.