Thursday, August 2, 2007


The cable news has not stopped covering the story all day. As it turns up, the bridge was considered structurally deficient and it's not the only one. Also, the further problem is that the state of Minnesota AND the Federal Government both knew that this bridge was faulty. That's a pretty big deal. Is it all day coverage important? I still say no, but that is a huge problem that should have been addressed by the states in appropriate time. This is the new Katrina or East Coast Blackout, whichever is more relevant to you (I'm going with Katrina. The whole Black people thing and a good friend of mine from college is from the Big Easy. And I didn't get any adverse effects of the blackout). We all want changes to be made, promises will be made to make change, but nothing will happen to the detriment of the dead and the citizens of this country. This fact is the saddest tragedy of all. Well, that and the fearmongering being done by all of the other 24 hour news channels. Frankly, as much of this as I watch, I have no idea of how I function as a person because I should be scared of everything.

Anyway, I'm done here. There is nothing else really going happening today aside from covering the bridge collapse. Hopefully, the regular news cycle will start again so I can stop having wall-to-wall coverage while my government falls apart due to ineptitude and lack of funds due to a war.

If you need something to brighten up your day, listen to this song. It isn't necessarily happy, but it's catchy as all hell. This is What's a Girl to Do by Bat For Lashes, the project of a young English/Pakistani lass. Reminds me of Kate Bush updated or a younger Beth Orton.