Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Information Blast: Fuck Giuliani!!!!

My contempt for "America's Mayor" has been quite obvious. I've got some good shit to add to the gripes once forwarded by Kathleen Hanna on the eponymous Le Tigre album. Anyway, I've got way too many articles for you to persue. Dig it!

We're going to take a little break from the Information Blast to check in on the quagmire in Iraq: the $1 Trillion project of nation building. While the numbers are decreasing in deaths, they aren't really as Iraqis are still being killed in high rates and daily. If this weren't enough, we can't account for 190K guns given to Iraqi security forces. Yea, good work there, Dubya. I think that I can smell the progress. Smells like burning flesh and motor oil. Back to the Blast!
  • Hatton-Mayweather is a huge fight, but you're missing the point. I want you to note the rhetoric from Mayweather's camp.
  • OMG! A blogger at The Huffington Post stops crying about the competitiveness of American society and makes a good point about journalism!
  • If you need to understand why Rupert Murdoch owning the Wall Street Journal is a bad thing, I refer you to another HuffPo piece about the media oligarchy. Wow, HuffPo actually produces some decent pieces today. I'm amazed.
  • So, Jonah Goldberg has this brilliant idea to reinstate the voting test. Yes, reverse all that work my grandmother and others did back in the 1950s and 60s to gain the right to vote. Great idea, JG!
  • I think this article is a clear reason for why I can't stand the Democratic Party of the United States. Newsflash: you're considered soft because you are soft.
  • This story is pretty simple: Married couple flies flag upside down in protest. Couple called unpatriotic. Cop comes to house and says couple is desecrating the flag. Couple complies by taking flag down. Cop kicks down door. Cop beats shit out of husband. Cop arrest husband. Yep, this story's perfectly normal.
  • Barack Obama proves he still knows nothing about foreign policy. I have to give him credit: he, at least, said something substantive.
  • O.J. Simpson really needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. His ass isn't in jail because he couldn't fit a leather glove over a rubber one.
  • A genius piece: inappropriate hyphenated names. Example: Best-Lay.
  • Man's in jail after a high-speed chase in May. Nothing too strange about this. Problem is he has no limbs. Zero. He's only got stubs.
  • Britney Spears, along with being a terrible mother, is threatening paparazzi while her bodyguard beats them. We are witness to one of the greatest meltdowns of all-time. Britney Spears is setting herself up to be the Judy Garland of the 21st Century, except without any discernable talent. Well, there's still hope with K-Fed?
  • Kate Moss kinda, sorta responds via proxy to Pete Doherty's rambling, Rick James-esque speech.
  • Excerpts have been released from Karrine Steffans a/k/a Superhead's new book. But, I ask you, fair male readers: would you get with this chick? Two words from this guy: no dice.
Wow, this was mad long, but I haven't seen anything of consequence enough for me to talk about it. So, that's why it's mad long.