Monday, August 13, 2007

Gay Debates

I give up on trying to report on the Logo/HRC debate primarily because it would require me to watch another debate. This two-year election cycle is nearing me towards crack addiction. I am just so fed up with this constant election cycle. What happened to the days when the top challengers just start announcing their candidacy now? Is that notion to quaint for many? I don't know, but I'm frustrated by this whole situation and all of the aimless pandering. Whatever though, this cycle will continue on. But, I don't have to respect that. And, no, my bias isn't because I hate gay people. I, in fact, like gay people a lot. But, this debate is pretty much like every other debate. The bottom tier candidates are usually the best ones, giving the audience answers they want to hear. These candidates believe what they say, but the fact is that the media won't give theses candidates press.

Instead, we all have to deal with the analysis of the candidates that the media wants us to follow. These "front-runners" sit in the center and have to surf through webs of purposed obtuseness to explain why they are pro-equal rights without giving gays the title of marriage. I think that this aspect of our political campaign system that is so highly flawed. Candidates are unwilling to take a provocative stance because they feel that it will alienate some part of the focus group. These candidates fail to realize that if they spoke their mind, they would be more popular because people might disagree but will recognize their authenticity and candor. But, this all clearly doesn't matter as I am just a lowly blogger on the vast, vast Interweb.