Monday, August 13, 2007

Stop NASA! Aliens are Laughing at Us!

Today, news has come out about the current difficulties faced by the space shuttle Endeavor. Currently, Endeavor is suffering from damage to its heat-tiled underbelly. The heat tiles are important because they deflect the heat of the exit and re-entry of Earth's atmosphere. About 1.125 inches thick, this is not the first time that the space organization has had problems with damaging pieces of foam. These pieces of foam are the reason that the Columbia disaster occurred. Clearly, this isn't a new problem, but it continues on.

Making this even better, NASA doesn't really know what to do. It has backup kits to help solve the problem, but those kits are unproven to actually stop heat from destroying the ship. Even past astronauts express hesitancy towards using the kits. Clearly, these are kits that people should trust their lives to. Hopefully, everything will work out, and the astronauts make it home safely. Their work has had massive influence in the science world, and that makes the program worthwhile. But, the constant failures and seeming ineptitude of NASA speak to something larger.

While the space program has given us tons of relevant information of science and physics, NASA has to be a joke in space. Other galaxies are looking at us, and just laughing at these huge buckets we are sending up, these machines with little speed and less durability. It almost makes me sad to be a part of this planet just for its sheer ineptitude.