Friday, August 17, 2007

Watching the Wasteland

As any good football fan can tell you, preseason is meaningless. The only people who benefit from preseason are rookies and players playing for roster spots. Instead of following the system established by the NBA and having a summer league, the NFL tortures us all into watching four weeks of half-speed, uninvolved, error-filled tackle football. Honestly, the football played by those cats in Europe was considerably better than the football played during the preseason, and those dudes sort of sucked. Anyway, I was watching preseason football because I have nothing better to do with my Friday nights, and I heard the following song during a return from commercial. The song was "Big Bang Baby" by the Stone Temple Pilots. It reminded me of the days when I listened to Bush on a tape of songs that I recorded off of 99.1 WHFS, which is now a spanish-language station out of the Baltimore/Annapolis area.

The quality's not too good on the video, but I remember watching the video on MTV and its quality was suspect there too.