Monday, August 13, 2007

Red Skies

There was a lot of news. In fact, Merv Griffin, the inventor of Jeopardy! aka the best game show ever, has passed at the age of 82 from prostate cancer. Abstract artist Elizabeth Murray has also passed. She was 66. Death aside, I'm not going to post because I forgot what I was going to post. I think that it was a rant about how the bathroom is the best place to get work done. But, as you can sense, it wouldn't have been worth my time to make the rant.

Anyway, I'm going to post a video that I continually see on the VH1 Classic broadcasts of 120 Minutes, the seminal underground show from the days in which MTV actually played non-payola music. This is a video for Red Skies by The Fixx. I'd like you to note the bassist.

I'm back in the morning. Also, realizing that I draft my fantasy football team in a much geekier way than people who do it in person, I'm canceling that rant.