Friday, August 10, 2007

Information Blast: Chocolate Rain

As Chocolate Rain begins to catch on with the tragically unhip (read: those with real lives), I'm left with administrative notes. First, this is going to be the only post of the night. I plan on doing something non-digital with my day, so not posting will have to be a component of such a process. Additionally, there was a Democratic debate last night. You might be saying to yourself with exasperation that there was one on Monday. And, yes, there was one on Monday. But, there was also one last night. I'm going to do a more thorough analysis of it on Saturday because it was not a regular debate. The candidates were brought out one by one and asked questions about LGBT issues. Additionally, there were no time limits and inquisitors had full range to ask follow up questions when they thought an answer was particularly shady or unsatisfactory. Such candor is greatly appreciated from this observer, enough so to give the debate a full post of analysis instead of passing the buck. I think that's everything. Let's get this!

In a rare moment of sympathy on this blog, Oh Stewardess tips a wing to Rick Ankiel. For those unfamiliar, Rick Ankiel used to be a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. A few years back, Ankiel lost all control of his pitches. Unfortunately for him, this loss was all over television and SportsCenter for days. It lead to Ankiel's departure from Baseball. After a few more attempts at pitching, Ankiel proceeded to switch to the outfield. After toiling away and becoming good at his craft, Ankiel got promoted to the major leagues. And, in his first game back after such haunting memories, he hits a three-run blast and helps to win the game for the Cardinals. Whether you are into sports or not, the success of anyone who has seen their life collapse is always impressive. This story is just as impressive as Judy Garland redeeming her rightful place in American history as one of its best performers and actresses. So, to this end, I give a salute to Ankiel and a friendly reminder to Jessica Biel to show her what can happen when you go to the lab instead of complain.

And, if this weren't all enough, here is a video from Black Moon for How Many Emcees from 1994.

Now, I'm out.