Wednesday, August 8, 2007

LNS: Morsels of Information

As this day ends, I leave you with a couple gems of new that I found today. While the next piece is sad, it is also morbidly hilarious. Time wrote an article about a possible ban of psychedelic mushrooms in that bastion of Liberalism Amsterdam. The part that is sad yet strangely hilarious is this. I should note, this is the first sentence in the article:

When Amsterdam police found a disoriented French tourist in his van last month with his slain dog beside him, he told them he had wanted to free the animal's mind.
Yes, he thought the dog was being too square and needed to expand its mind. I can't help but laugh at this. But, I think that's because I found myself while listening to Three 6 Mafia on psychedelic mushrooms. So, I understand where he is coming from in a way although I don't think I would have killed my dog on the other hand.

Also, there has been a lot of discussion of President Bush today doing generally dumb things. For example, the economy is pretty much in the crapper. I don't really care what he says about the economy. The current economy has devalued real wages an left our future in the hands of those communists in China. No seriously. As I posted in the Information Blast, China actually does own us and our future. But, anyway, Bush is now saying that he hates children. The issue is S-Chip, a system which provides health insurance for children whose parents make too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to afford private insurance, the bastard system that leaves us all in the cold. This is one of the most popular health insurance plans right now in the country, which has been very effective.

But, Bush is going to veto this program because the Dems want to expand it to actually cover all of the kids in America. I know that he doesn't like government, but Bush is not a good conservative. He does not run a small government. He spends excessively. And he has an economic policy that Ronald Reagan wouldn't even approve of. With his bad history, he might as well do something that will make him marginally popular in America like passing this spending increase on a totally useful program like this one. Now, I'm not one to say what Bush can and cannot do. But, I am saying that Bush is an idiot who will be only be adding to his legacy of being a president worse than Buchanan if he doesn't sign this bill into law.