Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Straight From the Journal Junction

The pictures are only to prove that I'm not making this shit up. But, I wouldn't make up something this patently absurd. For the record, I live in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia where there seem to be a lot of meth labs. I think this is the last place a terrorist would be, but my personal feelings aside. I ripped this one straight from the newspaper's (The Martinsburg Journal) call-in section called the Journal Junction.

I'm going to skip over the article about making bike riders get a license and the request for aid in eradicating a bat. The real gem is this one from a caller in Berkeley County:

Has any thought been given to the possibility that sleeper cells of al-Qaeda could use the features, such as Journal Junction, to communicate with each other through coded messages?
Aside from being a grammatical nightmare, the sheer point is ludicrous. Unless this sleeper cell is primarily white, I don't think that they will be using the Journal Junction to get things done. Also, seeing as they can't even bust up all the meth labs, I'm fairly confident that the cops won't find a sleeper cell for al-Qaeda even if they hung out at the Waffle House on Foxcroft Ave.

If the submitter is trying to suggest that there are Muslim extremists in the area, I would ask, um, where? I don't think that I've seen an Arabic person in the whole time that I've lived here. I live across the street from some Indian cats, but I doubt that they are a terrorist cell. If they are, they've clearly put their priorities in the wrong place. Also, don't these guys normally plan stuff in places where they can gain a lot of information and have those things that are important. Oh right, targets. Yea, that's it. I mean, they can hit the house of Confederate Generals and a Confederate spy in Martinsburg, but that's no skin off my back. Hell, blast away. Fuckers tried to keep me enslaved and fought a war to do it.