Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Information Blast: Back and Better than Ever

After a day off, it's time to hit the bricks once again!!!!

  • So, it seems that the whole tragedy in Minneapolis could have been averted if the government had come up off that money.
  • They only call DaMarcus Beasley a monkey because he is the hardcore, unadulterated shit. On the realness though, this racism shit needs to stop in soccer; it's unacceptable. Also, look, it's an American playing legitimate soccer. Take that, MLS!
  • Young Republican is caught up in a sex scandal. A gay sex scandal. I guess snoring doesn't give consent for a blowjob.
  • I guess getting your boobs to obstruct your feet really doesn't increase your self-confidence.
  • Dying Guy: Let me test drugs that could save my life. I'm already dying anyway. If they kill me, it's whatever. FDA and Appeals Court: No, fuck that shit.
  • I watched the old guy cry about not being able to care for his wife after working for 34 years, but I also saw that online. I didn't have the intestinal fortitude or requisite boredom to watch the debate myself. Steve Benen watched it, so I didn't have to.
  • A check-in on the CIA and those "enhanced interrogation methods". By the way, that's the best euphemism for torture ever.
  • In case you forgot, China owns America. And, I wish I was being facetious.
  • MTV announced its Video Music Awards nominees. MTV assumes that people still watch MTV.
  • Team America: FUCK YEAH!!!
  • This video and this video are hot in America right now. For all y'all that didn't watch Bamboozled, The Jazz Singer, or don't read books, these guys are what minstrels look like now. Too many crackheads tried to freebase the cork.
  • Mitt Romney can't keep his foot out of his mouth.
  • JT LeRoy is broke. Oh wait, not JT LeRoy. He's not real; let's correct that statement. The woman whose nom de plume was JT LeRoy is broke. Wait, what's that? That's me still not caring.
  • More doping scandal news involving the winner of the Tour de France Alberto Contador. At least he didn't pull a Landis.
  • E! gives out television shows like weed at a Wu-Tang concert. Even Kim Kardashian can get one. I didn't know that get nailed on camera by Ray J counted as acting and showing off your ass implants to the paps as modeling.
  • The following two are for the true sadists out there amongst my readers. First, a series of stories on America's Train Wreck Britney Spears. The second is a 50 Cent video with Justin Timberlake.
I'm out the funk now. Let's get it!