Friday, August 24, 2007

Information Stream: Yea, I Know, I Know

This is way, way late. I'm sorry nothing interesting has really happened today. Let's see what I've got here...

- In an ongoing series of events with the editing of Wikipedia by people who want to make themselves look better, it appears that the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard is one of those people. There's something inherently classy about making yourself look awesome on Wikipedia.

- Tell all of your irritating, pretentious hipster hip-hop wannabes that hip-hop is dead. It might actually save the game.

- The 2nd killingest guy in Texas History, George Bush, is now changing the rules on the Death Penalty because he hates you, the Americans.

- Joe Biden is the best candidate in the field, but why does the public hate him. McClatchy attempts to answer this questions.

- The Daily Show has pulled the wool over our eyes.

- History to Bush: Stop using us in vain! Hater.

I'm out of here on this.