Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There Goes That Idea

So, everyone pretty much assumed that disgraced quarterback Michael Vick would go to the Great North to play football during his suspension from the NFL. You know, to stay sharp and play in a style that he would absolutely fail in because passing is crucial in Canadian Football. The Canadians are not so receptive to this idea. It turns out that they actually have a rule against it. From CTV:

Forget about Michael Vick playing in the Canadian Football League.

Vick's speed and sprint-out style look ideal for the CFL, but the Atlanta Falcons quarterback at the centre of dogfighting charges will not be allowed to play in Canada if, as expected, he is suspended by the NFL.

A rule approved by the CFL in the off-season bars clubs from signing players who are under suspension in the NFL. The rule was adopted in response to the Toronto Argonauts' signing last season of running back Ricky Williams, who was serving a one-year suspension for drug use.

There you go. Michael Vick really will not be able to play football for years. Unless Japan has a national league, Vick's SOL. He might be able to play Arena where he will also get eaten alive because it is also a game that is reliant on passing. Whatevs. Vick can deal with that on his own. He fought dogs which is not as bad as raping a woman, which is what the media would make you believe. Dogfighting is bad, but it's not the worst thing on the face of the planet.