Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Land Speed of Animals

A study came out of England today about how fast dinosaurs were. They weren't faster than big cats. The fastest one goes 40 mph. That's about the speed of an ostrich. That's not hardbody, but I digress.

The headline of this story is about how a T-Rex could be David Beckham in a foot race. Now, this frankly does not impress me. I've never thought David Beckham to be the fleetest of foot. Now, if a T-Rex could be Ronaldo or Ronaldinho in a foot race, I would be far more impressed. Additionally, while I was thinking about people faster than David Beckham, I remember that Chad Johnson raced a horse. Then, I thought of it.

Chad Johnson. T-Rex. One Wins, The Other One Dies. Ocho Cinco is in a race for his life! Fox would have the best ratings of its history with such a stunt. It's way better than a gymnast hanging from a bar longer than a chimpanzee. Oh, I totally watched Man vs. Beast. Both of them.