Friday, September 7, 2007

Amber Alert Only If Amber's White

I am not joining in the discussion on this case because that makes the presumption that I care. Also, I don't want all of those damn white supremacists coming back to my site being idiots.

I actually caught wind of this story on Fox News on Tuesday. I was waiting for my car to get fixed, which it did after they ordered the part, and the anchors on Fox were talking about this girl. I wasn't particularly impressed by this case. But, I should note that Camille Cleverley is a major at BYU in Marriage. Yes, she is literally in college to get her M-R-S. Wow, I thought I would never use that phrase in my life.

Also, I wasn't watching Fox News on my own volition.The Toyota service department strapped me to a chair and forced my eyes open.

Anyway, all the regular requirements are met for this case to get national attention. It's a missing, moderately attractive white girl. There are no other requirements to be met after that. They will be profiling her on America's Most Wanted this weekend.