Monday, September 3, 2007

LNS: Ideas for the Future

Posting will be sparse tomorrow. I have to get my car fixed, buy groceries, and do other sorts of domestic things. So, I won't really have time to blog. When I do find a small gem of time, I'm going to post a fairly reasonable article about why I think Rachael Ray is popular. Contrary to what you think, Rachael Ray is a finely tuned saleswoman. I actually might post said article tonight. I was going to make a paper out of it, but I'm sure that I can come up with a longer idea on Rachael Ray for a paper. Plus, I would need way more of a theoretical structure to work from to actually pull off such an argument. So, blogging about it seems far more sensible. I also might make this post tonight if I feel quite inspired enough to do so. I very well may, but we never know.

And, just for a video, here's some video with a prog soundtrack that sounds like the Mars Volta.

Actually, it sounds like The Mars Volta because it is.