Thursday, September 6, 2007

Larry Craig: The Fun Never Stops

As you all should be familiar with the story of Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, Senator from the state of Idaho, this following piece of news should not be shocking.

Larry Craig has sympathizers in the American Land Rights Association. Located in Battle Ground, WA, ALRA has decided to start a boycott of Minneapolis airport until it gives Craig an apology.

The reason for this is because Craig got profiled. That's right profiled as a dude who is cruising for the hot gay sexiness. I hesitate to point out the double standard here if Craig were either a) Black, b) Middle Eastern, or c) a woman. Regardless, this is possibly one of the fruitless boycotts I've ever seen. A lot of people aren't loaded like Republicans. We don't have the flexible income to avoid airports like that, especially if it where I can get the cheapest flight from.

In examining the basis of this boycott, I went to their website and read an email. The email from ALRA says that the Minneapolis-St. Paul Police Department is completely out of control by arresting people on suspicion of committing a crime. You know, doing their paid jobs. ALRA also suggests that the police officers who arrested Craig were overzealous, trying to make a name for themselves instead of following the rule of law, even though this is not the case.

In retort to their boycott, I say if Craig wasn't guilty, he should have pled not guilty or no contest instead of pleading guilty. One of the basic premises of law is that we all are innocent until proven guilty. Just because he is a senator does not mean that Craig is not above the most basic of American principles. He says that he pled guilty becayse he was trying to get it over quickly. When he says that does he mean the public shame that comes from this charge or the blowjob? I think he means the blowjob. I think that he had a tight connection that day.

Regardless of which, Craig's stupidity should not be thrown back at both the people in blue who protect us (when they aren't beating black people) and an innocent monolith constructed of steel, concrete, asphalt, and glass. Both of those things were just doing their job, much unlike Craig in Washington.

If you feel that you need to support the cause, visit here and be horribly underwhelmed.