Monday, July 2, 2007

After Giving Dap To El-P...

I must cleanse myself of the inherent shame. I really don't like El-P. He's without question one of my least favorite emcees of all time. I love his production, but I hate listening to him rap. Listening to Funcrusher Plus was an exercise in self-torture for that reason alone. That's why you'll never hear me bumping that album on my own time.

So, with that said, I'm going to post a video from some rappers who I find to be on the cutting edge of rap but not as torturous as listening to either El-P or Aesop Rock, a vastly overrated emcee in my opinion. This is a video from Edan and Mr. Lif, an emcee signed to El-P's label Definitive Jux. I'm not a fan of El-P as a rapper. I didn't say he sucked at everything else. If anything, I give him props for having a good ear and giving opportunities to dudes that wouldn't otherwise have one because they are too out there.

Edan's Beauty and the Beat is a good example of what I would consider to be an album that is progressive yet still utterly listenable. Mr. Lif: I caught him live with Akrobatik and Fakts One in The Perceptionists. I was engineering. System blew out, but they still rocked it to the fullest. It was fun, old school, and Fakts One got lost. One of the best hip-hop concerts I've ever been to. Actually it was second to when I saw People Under The Stairs in 2002.