Thursday, July 5, 2007

Padma's Playing The Field

Aside from some tragic incidents involving a very nice girl named Yara and a video of a huge douchebag, I don't really read Gawker because it has a problem with accuracy and actually holding my interest as I don't particularly care about New York City. With that said, I am going to restore the hope of so many men in the world.

Due to a reporting error at Gawker, Padma Lakshmi, formerly Mrs. Sir Salman Rushdie, is still on the field. So, if you do want to date a super hot woman with a refined palate and a taste for the gange, you will have your opportunity to do so. Get your shoes shines, suits pressed, and game in order because I don't see a dude coming with B+ or B game pulling Ms. Lakshmi. She's probably hit on all of the time and can't stand to be bothered with some small time, wannabe ballers because of it.

To the single men of New York City and the other metropolises of the world, I only have one word for you all: godspeed.