Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weekly Check-in With Myself

I usually read through this blog for quality reasons. While it has been up for about three months, I'm still getting the hang of it. I'm used to doing a lot of editing while writing, something that I can't do if I want to post frequently like I do. I'm going to start using simpler sentences and fewer commas. That should help me a lot since that seems to be where a lot of the problems are. What will also help me is finishing ideas that I start in paragraphs. The response to the racists is a good example. I name check a lot of people, but I don't explain why they are important (They are important to the social sphere AND Black). Or, in an older post, I talk about other forms of football but don't explain why they are better than American football. In short, every other form of football is more exciting than American football. This is coming from someone who likes American football.

Additionally, I'm going to tighten up the 5 A Day writing a bit. They aren't bad, but I think that I can get rid of careless errors like forgetting band names and repeating phrases. It's not a big deal, but it looks bad. And, I like to keep a tight verbal ship. Also, I'll keep my facts in line as well since I was called out on in with regards to a review of Howl.

Everything is going pretty well for the first three months or so. It started off as incoherent rambling. It is now grammatically unsound, but coherent, rambling. I can only go down from here.

Alright, that said, this is a video for Fade into You by Mazzy Star

And these are random songs:

Waiting for the Man - OMD
Decoration Day - Howlin' Wolf
Theme From Within - Blue States
Too Tired To Shine II - American Analog Set
No Complaints - Beck
Tell 'Em I'm Surfin' - Fantastic Baggys
The Hustler - The Sonics
I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore - Dusty Springfield
Concrete Seconds - Pinback
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Don't Ever Get Tired - Tindersticks
Keeping You Alive - The Gossip
Karl Blau - The Microphones
Poppin' My Collar - Three 6 Mafia
What Can I Say - Yo La Tengo