Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm Just Going To Put This Out Here

Like any good blogger, I keep statistics on who comes to the website. I know where all visitors come from, and, believe me, I don't use it for anything malicious. If anything, it is personal interest to find out how people find my little spot on the Internet.

With that said, I've been noticing a lot of questionable visitors to the website, people who have been searching with the phrase "bobby cutts" and "nigger". This is a huge problem, but I'm frankly unsurprised. Instead of giving this man his day in court regardless of guilt, people have already condemned him. Additionally, people are calling Cutts a nigger? Are you serious? What has he done to you aside from "violate" a principle that was considered asinine back in the day when it was created: the cult of white femininity? Oh wait, none of this matters since all Black people are the same to you racists: uneducated, unwashed masses waiting to kill oh-so-pure white women and serve the every need of White America, asking nothing in response.

People who come to this website with the expectation of reading a hateful diatribe about how they should hang Cutts from a tree are sorely mistaken. Let's iron out facts first. As much as I might not like her policy, Condoleezza Rice is a heavily educated Black woman who came from the Jim Crow south, who lost friends in the Sixteenth Street Bombing. Rice is the chief representative of the American government abroad. Colin Powell, also a Black man, is one of the best foreign policy minds in the world. Cornell West is widely regarded as one of the best intellectuals of the current era. Henry Louis Gates has brought the world fiction that it would have never read otherwise and presented a new side of the American experience. Additionally, Cutts is just as much of an American as you are and should be allowed the rights given to him by the 6th Amendment instead of being strung up like so many of my predecessors were to the great pride of white men who were too much of cowards to allow for real justice.

To call Black men bucks, women sluts, and my people savage niggers (like some of the other articles that come up with this page in a google search for the two terms) is to discredit my people's contributions. It is to discredit most modern music, which was primarily born of the Black experience. It is to discredit a very large section of the American experience, one that encapsulates Black culture as well as White culture.

This website is a celebration of the advances that Black people have made. I am a product of these people's work. I've read them, looked at them, studied them, and recognized that I am the future. I would never work in a manner to discredit them or diminish anything that they've done. I am a critic, and I will criticize when they have done something wrong. But, I will never call them a nigger in derision, like so many of the visitors who come to this site most likely want me to do.

Additionally, the cult of white femininity is a social construct of overly possessive white men who do not believe in something that many others do: freedom of choice. Davis chose to be with Cutts. Cutts chose to be with Davis. This is not a "violation" of her purity. Davis made a decision of her own free will; her "purity" was not "stolen" by some Black buck. To even suggest that is an insult to Bobby Cutts as well as all Black men on this planet. Additionally, this is an affront to Davis, suggesting that she was unaware of what she was getting involved with. She already had a child with him and was expecting his second. She did not deserve her end, but to suggest that she is some sacred object that must be defended by white men from the advances of others is ludicrous. To argue the cult of femininity strips a woman of her agency, which I'm sure would be fine for the racists who come to this website; they would love for a woman to sit at home all day barefoot waiting for their husband to show up so they can dote upon them and serve their every beckon call.

So, when you come to this website looking for racist, hateful speech while using terms like nigger, you are not just offending me, you are also offending all other Black people who are trying to advance themselves, Black people are trendsetters in all areas of culture and business. So, with that in mind, to all of the racists, I have two words that can basically summarize what I want to say: FUCK YOU!