Monday, June 25, 2007

Clean My Mouth With Soap

So, today's unintentional goal was to offend as many people as possible. I think that I've accomplished that goal with great success since I suggested that the case against Bobby Cutts is a racial witch hunt due to the way it has been painted by the mainstream media to me. In addition, I also pointed out the hypocrisy of news coverage with regards to race and gender when it comes to public interest stories. I think I've really succeeded today in pissing the Internet off, but I only have technorati to blame for that by putting me at the front of the tag most of the day.

Also, while my comments could be considered offensive, some of the stuff posted on technorati makes my comments look like child's play. A lot of people are taking this opportunity to suggest that abortion is an immoral, improper concept because Cutts is being charged with double murder (In Ohio, the baby would have been able to survive outside of the body, classifying it as a human being. This is nothing close to actual abortion, but don't let the pro-life audience tell you that.). Now, contrast that against me saying that this may or may not be a race issue due to the portrayal of Cutts and tell me who is more evil?

While I'm still talking about this, can I please remind everyone that BOBBY CUTTS JR IS NOT GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW! Stop talking about him as if he is guilty. If he committed the crime, so be it, but don't make the assumption that he has yet. That is unfair to him and leaves the judicial system with little choices. His case must be heard fully before action is taken against him, as is dictated in the bill of rights (6th Amendment to be precise). The case against him is already unbalanced because of public opinion and oversensationalized reporting.

Just from reading technorati, it's clear that many will not be able to judge this case in an objective manner. As I was reading the other posts, it became clear that this is like the OJ Simpson case. We have a clear OJ situation here. This case will be a fiasco and set racial relations in America back years, especially if it turns up that Cutts really didn't do it (not like OJ. Black people were happy because OJ got one over on American justice, the system that fucks over the population everyday. Everyone knows he did that shit). Who would have thought that the actual pursual of justice would end up in negative effects.

I want to be crystal clear here. Absolutely clear. I could give two fucks if Cutts get death or walks. All I want is a fair trial. I want to see a case laid out by both sides and make a decision from there. I didn't put myself in debt to have ideas crammed down my throat by a public that thinks with its heart more often than its mind. With this comment, I have ended my one and only entrance into the field of public interest and missing white woman syndrome. Frankly, I'm disappointed with myself that I've spent so much time actually talking about this. So, from herein, this conversation is done here.