Monday, June 25, 2007


In Re: Jessie Davis, I believe that something is afoot due to the nature of the evidence surrounding the case. A mystery person calls and says that Cutts asked for help from a female friend. So, they pick up Myisha Ferrell on obstruction. They look through her house and pull out a bunch of fairly ordinary cleaning supplies. Search aside, the last time I checked unsubstantiated evidence does not a conviction make. I can't make unverifiable accusations against my neighbors. That is called circumstantial evidence and is not allowed in most courts of law.

With such sketchy information sources and the fact they harped on him since the disappearance of Davis, Cutts's alleged guilt seems specious to me on many fronts. I don't automatically pull out the race card because I think it is a copout. I only resort to the race card when I feel it is a real situation of racial injustice, which I think this may be. The Canton PD did not attempt to search for anyone else. It was automatically assumed that he did it. I'm concerned that they think this not because he is the boyfriend, but because he is Black. And this possibility is one that leaves me unsettled.

If he is found guilty, OK, he was found guilty. As long as it is by a multi-ethnic jury (I know about Ohio. I went to school there. I was called a nigger by white people, so don't give me any bull about a fair trial from a white jury.), I will accept it. Additionally, if he is found not guilty, this man's reputation, and black men's reputations, will be soiled once again by the White aggressor.