Monday, June 25, 2007

A Sad Day for Me

While I will not attempt to say that the following has precedent over the dying in Iraq, Palestine, or Darfur, I still find today to be a personally sad day as a fan of sport.

Thierry Henry, the guy to the left, is an international class footballer. Coming from the slums of Paris, Henry is now wholly recognized as one of the best forwards in world football. Watching Henry on the pitch is always exciting. He's inventive with tremendous pace and can make some of the prettiest goals you'll ever see. Henry is one of my favorite players because he plays for my favorite club in England: Arsenal. Actually, he was the reason that I started following Arsenal.

Today is sad because, as can be seen in that photo, Henry took a physical today. Unfortunately, he passed it. So, this means that he is no longer a Gunner and is now a member of the juggernaut of Spanish soccer that is FC Barcelona. While they were defeated this year by the boys in white Real Madrid, FC Barcelona has one of the best catalysts in the world game in Ronaldinho (note: he is the best footballer in the world. Period.) and a fantastic supporting team. One of the best strikers plus one of the best midfielders equals one of the best teams in the game. While I'm happy for Barca now being able to overtake Real, I am sad by the fact that I will no longer be able to watch Henry streak through Ashburton Grove anymore and bring pride to the Gunners of Arsenal.