Friday, June 29, 2007

So, Did She Not Go To Stab A Bitch?

Lisa Nowak, the batshit crazy astronaut who attempted to kill her former lover's current girlfriend, captured the imagination of America by wearing diapers along the drive from Texas to Florida. But, was this all a figment of the press's imagination?

Nowak's attorney says that it is. Donald Lykkebak, Nowak's attorney and a man with a few too many k's in his name for my liking, has said that Nowak did NOT wear diapers on this trip. Lykkebak argues, in submitted papers, that the diapers were from when the Nowak family had to evacuate following Hurricane Katrina.

Now, if this is true, this story has lost all interest for me. I wasn't necessarily interested to begin with, but the fact that the woman wore a diaper really made the story that much better. With the diaper, she was a desperate woman who was striving for efficiency. But, with this new revelation, Nowak is now just desperate and that's just sad. I can't get behind that.