Friday, June 29, 2007

Mitt Romney is Not Competent

Along with being a terrible candidate who believes that Guantanamo, the eyesore of a prison that has brought shame to the good name of America along with the aimless war on terror, should be doubled in size, Mitt Romney is further proving that he is completely incompetent.

Romney is under investigation by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for his treatment of his Irish Setter Seamus. Seamus was put in a kennel and tied to the top of a car for a 12-hour car ride from Boston to Ontario. The dog eventually ended up shitting all over the car. Instead of cleaning it up and putting the dog in the car like most people would, Romney cleaned it all up...and put the dog back in the kennel on top of the car.

Now, Romney defends himself by saying that the dog loves being on top of the car. And I quote: "He scrambled up there every time we went on trips." Firstly, most dogs don't shit in excitement; they shit in fear. Secondly, how does a dog scramble to the top of a car. That's not exactly easy. And, seeing that he is a mormon, Romney probably owned a large car, so I doubt the possibility of the dog scrambling to the roof.

Think of this as a cautionary tale. Even though it happened in 1983, do you really think that he has changed since, especially since he clearly has a suspension of reality working on his side? Also, he can't treat his dog appropriately. What is there to make me believe that he could run the country appropriately? I wasn't going to vote for him anyway, but this is definitely the nail in the coffin.