Monday, June 25, 2007

Four Wars?

As many well know, America is involved in three current wars. There is the war against Iraq because Saddam Hussein was a threat to the American independence. There is also that war that no one remembers: the war against Afghanistan and al-Qaeda, the ORIGINAL al-Qaeda. Also, let us not forget that we are also involved in the larger war on terror, the one that has cut down on the freedoms of Americans and allowed the Bush administration to grow its britches too big due to the lack of oversight from the legislative branch.

But, news from the Guardian suggests that there may now be a FOURTH war that we will fight against...drumroll please!....VENEZUELA!!!! That is right, President Hugo Chavez has told the Venezuelan military to prepare for a possible guerrilla war against the United States. Speaking from a strictly military viewpoint, the Venezuelans stand a good chance of winning this war with the whole overextension of the American military across the globe fighting in an umbrella war against a shadow, non-existent subject in terror. Now, I don't want them to win primarily because I don't want there to be a fight on American soil. West Virginia is already a wasteland, a very pretty wasteland. I don't need it to become a post-industrial Mad Max-style wasteland. This war is going to SUCK if it actually happens.