Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Isn't This Easy For Anyone Else?

Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Democratic candidate John Edwards and cancer sufferer along with being a generally amazing woman, spoke at the opening event for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade yesterday. Unlike her husband, Mrs. Edwards took a very solid stance towards gay marriage and deviated from her own husband. She said:

"I don't know why somebody else's marriage has anything to do with me,'' she said. "I'm completely comfortable with gay marriage.''

I'm in complete agreement with Mrs. Edwards here. I've actually been saying something like this for a fairly long time now. If dudes want to marry other dudes, that's on them. I don't care if they get married because it really doesn't concern me; they aren't marrying me. Hell, it's to their advantage to get married. Being married in America offers many high quality perks like higher quality health insurance for cheaper and a lot of smaller things.

And, for all of the people who say that marriage is a sacred institution, why is the American divorce rate at 50 percent? It can't be that sacred can it? More importantly, why are you so concerned with what other people do in the sanctity of their own homes? You aren't living with them, so what does it concern you?

My befuddlement at their argument aside, I'm glad that Mrs. Edwards stepped up to the plate and is willing to acknowledge the ever-present fact in this argument: love between two people should be of concern to no one but the two people in love. Society doesn't have to agree, but these people should be able to express themselves in such a manner. If the Democrats weren't such consummate half-steppers, they would have had the sheer bravado to do what Mrs. Edwards has done: step out of lock step and admit her own opinion.