Sunday, June 24, 2007

Turn A Corner?

So, I've been thinking about the following song. I'm currently working on memorizing this song in the same way that I have memorized this song:

This song is also proof of the fact that I know about every Phife Dawg verse from The Low End Theory. Anyway, the weekend is over and the 5 A Day project is starting over again. I don't really blog on weekends. Also, I am posting some random tracks. Let's hope the next week brings some real material for me to blog on. In reality, I should write a comment about Angelina Jolie playing in blackface in her new movie, but that would require me supporting the enterprise by seeing it. As well, I should write a fuller comment about something, but I forgot what. Regardless, random tracks!

Rough Gay At The Office - Arab on Radar
Everybody Needs A 303 - Fatboy Slim
Down In The Park - Gary Numan
Bluebird - Howlin' Wolf
If The Papes Come - A Tribe Called Quest
Feel No Pain - Sade
Bobby Can't Dance - Mr. Oizo
Reception - My Teenage Stride
Refractions in the Plastic Pulse - Stereolab
Real Niggaz Don't Die - N.W.A.
Pretty Words - Tindersticks
Never Say Never - Romeo Void
Send Me Your Ear - Puke, Spit, and Guts
30 Seconds Over Tokyo - Pere Ubu
Roaring Blood - Jet Generation