Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Obsession with Ms. Hilton

Apparently, everyone today has decided to mentally shut down and talk about Paris Hilton all day. There I said it. Are you happy, world? I used her name.

That done, I've been reading bits from the interview the dead one gave to Larry King last night. All I essentially have to say is that she pretty much confirmed what I thought: the interview was going to be worth less than the tape is was recorded on. She's about as charismatic as a boulder and three times less articulate. Also, just for reference, if you spend a bunch of time saying you read a book and can't recall anything from it, you probably should take a remedial reading class at your local Adult Learning Center.

I'm not saying that I can recall bible verses from memory, but I also don't call myself a christian or have purported to have read the bible for the past three weeks. The last times I read the bible, I was about to smoke up. The time before that, when I actually focused on reading it: I was 13. I'm going on 23. I have an excuse for not recalling things from the bible. She doesn't, especially for someone who has found her new spirituality in Christ.

Additionally, she said that she did not do drugs. While I don't consider marijuana a drug, I would say that using marijuana to most people is using drugs. It will keep you from getting employed, so that's a drug in the public sense of the word. I would also saying that you get fucked in the butt for coke is a pretty reasonable self-incrimination for a cocaine habit. There is no can of Coca-Cola in the world that taste that good. Also, screaming let's get coked up is normally not a good example either. But, you are one of those people who needs proof. Here. At around minute four is your freakin' proof.

It's OK if people are ashamed of their past. But, one cannot lie about it when you are as closely followed as the dead one is. She, with this interview, has only solidified why she is a terrible role model for the youth and is reviled by so many different people. But, then again, why am I even surprised by this? Was I expecting her to be more mature and grown-up? She's 26 and has marketed herself as a party girl with little other talent. I'm actually going to end this here because I'm disappointed with myself for spending so much time on this.