Monday, July 2, 2007

This is Not A Wingman

Some enterprising college students came up with an enterprising idea to capitalize on the stupidity of people who drive to the bar, get wasted, and shouldn't drive anymore. Called the Wingmen Driving Service, the students serve as chauffeurs for the night. You call them and two wingmen will show. They will pick you and your car up at the agreed-upon point. One will drive your car. The other will follow behind. The service is only available in the Red Bank-Sea Bright-Atlantic Highlands triangle of New Jersey. If you are in that area, the service will cost you 20 bucks, the same probably as getting a cab. Outside of the triangle, add $10. Between bars, another 5.

Now, this is a brilliant idea. I'm glad that someone somewhere is capitalizing on the heavily popular drinking industry while also keeping the streets safe. But, I do have a problem with the name. Now, they might be using the term in the Goose to Maverick sort of way. But, when I hear wingman or wingmen, especially in relation to drinking/partying/socializing, I think of the guy who runs interference so his friend can get some play without getting cockblocked. I've run wingman a lot before. It's a fine art. If you are not familiar with the skills needed, read this fine, and oh-so-square, article from the Washington Post and their resident teen/college specialist Laura Sessions Stepp. The feminists have huge problems with her, and I understand why. But, I can't explain it; you will have to take it up with them.