Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The name Karrine Steffans might not actually mean a lot to you. But, if you've watched BET or MTV Sucka Free, you've probably seen her before. She's one of those girls in rap videos setting everyone back by prancing around scantily clad and shaking her ass. But, she didn't get to where she is by just doing that. Oh no. She's slept with pretty much every major rap star and Black athlete in the world. She didn't get the name Superhead for nothing.

She's written of her exploits once in a book called Confessions of a Video Vixen. It turns up that she is writing a new book called The Vixen Diaries, where she will now recap all of her affairs since she published her last book up to the month of June. June 2007 that is. In this book, she claims that she has slept with Lil' Wayne and Ne-Yo amongst others.

I'm actually not going to do what you think I am. Steffans has made a career out of opening her legs for rap stars. I can't actually hate on her for it, even though I wouldn't hit that for a couple of reasons. The fact that she is trying to juice me for my (non-existent) papes is one. The second is I know my ass would end up in this book, especially if I was famous and knew that she had already written one book about the same damn thing. I know I'm not, but, if I were, I would not be trying to get with this chick because she is only using me to keep her name in the press for no other reason than the fact that she craves the limelight; being a background dancer in a rap video is not the best way to get the constant media attention that all mainstream rappers receive.

This brings me back around to the rappers. They are the idiots here. These dudes know that they are going to get caught up in some bullshit with this chick, but they still go to her anyway. They know that she is just piggybacking off of their talent and celebrity, but they still carry her on their arm. I don't roll like this. To quote Phife: "You didn't want me then/ so, hon, don't want me now" But, rappers are too busy trying to prove they're men and thinking with their dicks instead of their heads.

As long as this is the standard, do your thing, Superhead. Do the damn thing.