Monday, July 2, 2007


This is Hi-Five. If you didn't grow up listening to Black urban radio, this song might lost upon you. Anyway, this is I like the way. This song was the jam. They were like the replacement New Edition or Boyz II Men or Jodeci, but I'm getting away from my point. Today, it was reported that the lead member of the group Tony Thompson died. Thompson, age 31, died from huffing freon. This is not a joke. This dude seriously huffed freon. Kids, I hope this serves as a valuable lesson for not huffing. While 7th Heaven might have tried to tell you this, the WB was alarmist and had a clear, right-wing agenda*. This is real shit. Don't do it.

*7th Heaven always struck me as having a right wing agenda, along with a lot of the other shows. This is clearly refuted by the support given to Gilmore Girls, a show that revolves around a single mother and her daughter. But, I need an inflammatory comment to end on. I think I achieved that.