Monday, July 23, 2007

Discussion Question

I was talking with my friend Ariane. And, after talking about the restrictions of modernism as a design concept, the discussion came around to violence in American society. Neither of us came up with a good answer for our culture is so violent.* So, I'm posing the question to you: why do you think America is so violent?

*this asterisk is intended for the republicans who will throw graphics at me showing that America is rated quite low with regards to violence. Of course it is. America is a nation of 280+ Million people. We cannot be compared with a country like Jamaica where there are only 2.5-3 million people in the country. And those graphics are per every 100,000 people. So, while 6 people per 100K were killed, that's only 180 at most. Also, we cannot be compared to a country like Columbia, which is in a prolonged civil war against FARC and ELN. As well, gun freedom doesn't work either; there must be limits on the access to guns. If you are a regular person, you will not get into a problem getting a gun. But, laws must be made more stringent to keep the violent and mentally unstable from getting guns.