Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MSNBC Hates Dennis Kucinich

In my daily watching of MSNBC, I find the reporters doing something that should be thoroughly inappropriate. It doesn't really matter who as someone is bound to make an error. A frequent occurrence has been bringing on Dennis Kucinich to mock his run at the presidency. Kucinich is only at about 1% of the public vote. But, it is just as important to note that we are still about 16 months away from the general election and 6 months away from the first primaries.

These facts are lost upon the anchors of MSNBC as they have repeatedly tried to slam Kucinich. Today was a fine example of this. Anne Curry tried to suggest that Kucinich should drop out of the race as he has no money and not a lot of poll support. Kucinich neatly stepped around this question. Curry, noticing the step around, tried to hammer Kucinich on the topic. But, Kucinich would not take the bait and talked about how much time he still had to raise his public profile and get people behind his cause. It's sort of sad to see Kucinich get taken behind the shed every time he appears on MSNBC. But, it is better than the fact that the anchors blatantly laugh at Mike Gravel while interviewing him, even though Gravel is right on most of his points.