Thursday, July 26, 2007

Information Blast: Misfire

Yea, as this is my first post today at 4 pm in the afternoon, I'm not putting up an information blast. I'll comment on what I see over the day. If you would like to know why this is my first post, I had to go to the library to return books. This isn't a simple process as it's like a 15 minute drive each way and I also spent time in the library. Additionally, I forgot my iPod, so I had to go back and get it. But before all of this, I had to finish reading one of the books that I had to return. That when until about 1 PM this afternoon, so my day started late to begin with.

When I finished all that stuff with books, I had to write some emails and other messages. Yes, I do conduct other regular business. Alright, I've talked enough. Let's write some posts!