Thursday, July 26, 2007

Real Life Mindfreak

So, I'm sitting around this morning, watching CNN. Par for the regular course. Anyway, this story comes up about a rapist who was let off because they could not find an interpreter of the African language of Vai for the trial after it was said that the defendant would have to be spoken to in that language. CNN thought this highly dubious and did some investigating. Apparently after searching for two and a half years for a translator, CNN found one in two and a half hours. But, this is not the mindfreak. Nor is the fact that the guy could speak perfect English as he graduated from Magruder High School, one of the best schools in Maryland.

The mindfreak is the next door neighbor. There's always a next door neighbor in these types of situations, someone who is familiar enough to answer some fairly remedial questions about the person for the reporter. It was a mindfreak because it was this dude that I went to high school with for four years. I knew it was the dude because I recognized him, and he was wearing a t-shirt with the school's crest on it. So, there you are, a St. Andrew's student knew crazed rapist and child molesters who spoke good english contrary to the Court's demands for a Vai translator. I'm sure my high school would be happy to know that one of its students was on television for such a purpose.