Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Actual Good Idea

Over at The Smirking Chimp, Andrew Bard Schmookler proposes the idea that the presidential candidates should be forced to conduct simulations of their presidencies. Seeing as they cannot be on display all of the time, this isn't a half-bad idea. It would allow us to see the real character of the candidate and help to make a better decision.

As it stands now, presidential politics is like shopping for something over the internet or mail order. We can see the product in its best light, in multiple, pre-selected angles, and with a flowery description. Some companies will be more reputable, you may agree with others more, but that's a personal choice. Eventually, you will order this product if you feel it suits your needs. Some people are happy with their choices, others not so much. It might not fit correctly or do what it was advertised to do. With most of these things, while you can ship them back, you, probably like me, are far too lazy to actually ship them back, wasting your good money on postage, especially if it was a low-ticket item like a two-dollar t-shirt or something of the sort.

The presidency is not a cheap t-shirt, it is the position held by the leader of the free world. This is serious business. We should not be forced to make decisions about who holds the positions under situations that we would not buy a very important item. Could you imagine buying a new car without going to the lot, inspecting the interior, all of its functions, and taking a test drive? If you are not car inclined, could you imagine just buying a bike without having it in the right size, making sure the geometry is appropriate, and taking it for a ride to ensure that it is comfortable and has good shock absorption along with suiting your needs? The answer to both of these questions is most likely no.

We shouldn't decide our presidency in the same way either. Someone should get behind this idea quickly. Additionally, there is only one place that could show this: C-SPAN! It wouldn't be compelling, but it would be effective in helping to show what each of our candidates would do and help to make a better choice for who becomes the 44th President of the United States of America.