Monday, April 16, 2007

Seriously, You Need to Pay Attention

If you have been civilly disengaged recently because you obviously know that Bush is an idiot (it doesn't take an observer more than twenty seconds of a press conference Q & A to know this), Tuesday will now open as a new day for you to understand what politics is all about and why our system is in sure dire straits.

The Albuquerque Journal has an article about the ongoing US Attorney scandal involving the state's former attorney David Iglesias and current Republican Senator for the state of New Mexico Pete Domenici. The article makes the implication that Domenici went straight to the top after applying direct pressure to Iglesias but receiving no satisfaction. If this is the case, this has huge implications on the actual case because this puts the Bush White House directly in the crossfire of this whole scandal and leaves them with many questions to answer on the issue, one of which is did President Bush have a hand in the firing of these attorneys? Before, the White House might have been able to get out, but, with this bombshell, it is now in the sights of the Senate Judicial Committee.

Tuesday will be an important day because this will be the first day upon which the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will be questioned about the scandal. His former chief of staff Kyle Sampson (I wanna talk to sampson!) has already contradicted him, and the Committee is guaranteed to not let Gonzales off easy. This Tuesday will be the beginning of the unraveling of the White House. Unless there is a major swell of support, we very well may be seeing the end of the Bush Administration as credible in any meaningful way, forcing resignation. This is shaping up to be this century's Watergate for sure. This is a good time to get into politics if you are not already salty and jaded about the American government. These hearings will make you jaded and still have hope.