Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mission Accomplished?!

I am glad that Sanjaya has now been voted off of American Idol. His singing has been very bad, but this week is some of the worst singing I've heard in a really long time. William Hung sounded better than he did this week. The thing that I didn't understand about Sanjaya was the fact that he sang a lot of women's songs instead of singing men's songs. While I have no beef with women songwriters, I do have to note that Sanjaya is male not female, meaning his limited vocal range is more limited than it should be.

This past week, his elimination week, was country music. There are a number of singers that he could have chose and enjoyed. The first song that I thought of for him would have been a Hank Williams or a Merle Haggard song. Something with a smaller vocal range and well within his capabilities. But, no, that's too logical. He decided to sing a Bonnie Raitt song instead. Along with choosing the wrong song, he wore this tragic red headband over his hair. If I were a country fan (which I am, but I can't stomach the modern country music with its country/rock edge. I'd rather have straight old-school getting drunk and fist fighting country music.), I would have been offended by his representation of my music.

There are still six more weeks, but the worst is now over. Let's see who pulls it out. I actually don't want Melinda Doolittle to win only because I want her to have a completely successful career independent of Idol, which she has clearly proven she could have. I'd rather have someone else win the show. That's just my perspective though.