Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ten Things That I Don't Have To Do Anymore with My Mouse

In an earlier post, I talked about how I use keyboard shortcuts and how that has translated to my usage of a program called Quicksilver. This program has replaced a lot of things that I used to do with my mouse. Here are ten, there are surely more

1. I can launch all of my key programs with three keys. way easier.

2. I can search wikipedia with three keystrokes

3. I can search google with three keystrokes

4. I can manage my desktop with quicksilver (opening zips, mounting disk images, opening folders, putting things in the trash)

5. I can go to websites without opening a browser manually (the program does it for me)

6. I can send emails quickly

7. I can search my computer more accurately

8. I can go to youtube in three keystrokes

9. I can completely control iTunes from within quicksilver

10. I never have to take my hands off the keyboard, saving me important seconds.

Some of these things sound very similar. I can also completely run programs from quicksilver without taking my hands off the keyboard. I can also select and upload pictures to Flickr without taking my hands off the keyboard as well. Anything that you could want to do, even open files with alternative programs, you can do that with quicksilver which is why I use the program. I also use Witch, which allows me to look at the different windows in each program and be more precise than with the built-in mac tab switcher.

If you want to know more about quicksilver, please let me know. The program is really incredible and totally useful and amazing. I can't say enough about it.