Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No Posts on Tuesday

I got sidetracked and very busy on Tuesday. I also broke my garage door, and I spent some time today fixing that as well. But, everything yesterday kept me from actually reading the news and keeping this blog up to date. I need to insert more humor here, but there's nothing really to laugh about. Well, that is until Jordan and Peter comes on E! This is a show about a woman with massively overinflated breasts and the man who "loves" her. Hopefully this show doesn't tank like the reality show about Lisa Loeb who, while charming, didn't help her own cause.

Also, just a general comment: all of you folks who are voting in irony for Sanjaya, please stop. I don't really care about who wins the show as I don't really care about pop music per se, but irony's so passé. Didn't any of you read that Sincerity is the New Irony? To do things in jest, along with being dumb, is just insincere. What, are you afraid that no one will like you if you admit to liking what you actually like instead of feigning interest in something that bores you to tears? Be real and everyone will appreciate you more because we all know that hipsters don't matter and you shouldn't be looking to them for cred. Cred comes from sincerity with yourself and with others.